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Smith River and Generation schedule

Started by Larry, March 27, 2007, 10:20:54 AM

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 The generation schedule on the Smith River is terrible. I can't remember when the schedule was so bad for fishing during the week.  It would be really nice if they would only generate in the morning or the evening and not both. Does anyone have any influence with these people? I attended the meeting on the Smith 216 study and it seems that they did not hear what everyone was saying. Is there anything we can do and anybody we can write to let them know what we think? For anyone that doesn't know, they are generating from 5:00 A. M. until 12 Noon and them from 5:00 P. M. until about 9 at night during the week and have had the same general schedule for the past two weeks.


Dominion Power Company controlls the generation schedule not the Corps.


Quote from: cpranger on March 27, 2007, 10:43:53 AM

Dominion Power Company controlls the generation schedule not the Corps.

It is not that simple. Has to do with water available, and opportunity to sell it at peak rate to users of the electric grid.

I don't know all the ins and outs, but someone who does monitors these forums and may step in to clarify how they decide when to generate.

I agree the generation schedule has not been very fisherman friendly lately. Makes one wonder how much water they still have upstream of the dam.


According to the brochure they gave out at the meeting, "due to severe flooding for many years, Congress authorized the construction of the Philpott Dam to tame the Smith River".  If the brochure is correct, the primary reason for the construction of the dam was to control the flooding.

I was at the meeting and did hear all that was said. I wondered later why some of the other representatives did not speak. I also had to wonder how much of a vested interest the gentlemen that did provide all of the responses has in the power grid.

Last, I don't understand how you get 7+ hours of fishing out of their schedule. They generate from 5:00 A. M. until 12 Noon and start back at 5:00 P.M. That is 5 hours according to my math unless you want to run down stream to stay ahead of the flood.  My other point was that it would be nice if you could fish sun rise or sun set on occasion.


Are they generating on weekends too?  I know several people were thinking of going up there on a Sat of Sun.  It's a bit of a drive for most of us NC fishermen....

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They ran water last w/e, but the current announcement doesn't mention the w/e plans, it only through Friday,

o-o :P :o

Wish they would make the announcement consistent.

Call Friday and see if they've updated, and then call Sat before leaving home....

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