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Black River Report

Started by Backwoods Joe, September 13, 2005, 11:23:34 AM

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Backwoods Joe

The Black river has been giving up some good bass lately. However we need water here and we should get some off of this storm (Ophelia). Week before last I caught a 6.5lb. and last week I caught a bass that was almost 8lb.s  on a size 6 Accardo popper and a 4 wt. rod. Also a buddy of mine caught two bass that would have went 6 lbs on the same day. Bluegill fishing is slow but some good fish are being caught.


Good to see you post Joe. Have you been on the northeast cape fear this year?  If so how did it fish?

Backwoods Joe

  Thanks for the kind words. I haven't been over on the NE this year. I haven't even been down to the salt. After this storm is gone and the water gets back to a good level, why don't you come up here and fish with me one morning or evening? I'm only about 40 min. from the 421 truck stop down at wilm.


Joe, a 6.5# river Bass is a a good urn.  A 8# river Bass on the fly is Grand!!!
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I would love to Joe. Although I may bring my six or eight weight. Like croaker said, that is some catch on a four weight.