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BrentG is in hospital

Started by FT, September 28, 2006, 11:06:14 AM

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Marilyn called this morning to let me know that Brent was taken to the hospital last night with blood clots in his lung. He has been admitted and will probably be in there a couple days. Please say a prayer for Brent, Marilyn and thier daugher Heather.

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Prayers Sent....

get well soon!!!

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me -There's a season?

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Hey from our Family to yours---get well and get on home now an ole fart from Carolina needs a guide for some of them Vagineeeee painted fish.

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Marilyn just called me. Brent has been moved to 602 east tower. He has been taken off the heart moniter.  She said he is having some pain.  The move probably means good news as the previous room was in the cardiac wing.

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My prayers are with you BrentG.



I'd take that as a positive sign too.  Now, how do you send an eCard to a hospital.....


Good, I also guess that is a good move. Get well Brento!


I just got back from visiting with Brent.  He is still in some pain and is pretty weak. But apparently is out of immediate danger.   Told him and this family the there were a lot of friends pulling for him.  They will probably keep him until Sunday. 

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Tell him that him and his family are in our prayers



Prayers sent for him and the family.


Hurry up and get better my friend !

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Is Brent at RMH? Might try to slip in this evening.

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He needs a Beach trip.

Do you have any kind of contact # ?