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Ya'll Have A Good Urn!

Started by Grumpy, September 15, 2006, 07:48:46 AM

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We're already having fall like weather, temps in the 60's at night & some 70 degree temps in the day, wonder how long that will last?
Our local tailwater is still fishing great, lot's of fish & we're spotting some good urns & accidentally catching a few :o
What are ya'll doing this weekend?



In about 5 hours I'll be on a plane to Montana, the rest I'll leave to your imagination. Hope to have some good pic's when I get back.


some fishing and dove hunting tomorrow.

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Satruday means soccer.  Sunday, hopefully fishing.  I've also have to get a boo balnk over the mt. to FTso he can start to wrap it.  0--0



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Think I may hit the "local tailwater".   ;)

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Looks like I'll be home Sunday doing some chores.  Might be a good time for you to bring the rod over.   ;)

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I'll be watching my team stomp duke into a mudhole. >:D 0--0

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September 15, 2006, 11:55:31 AM #8 Last Edit: September 15, 2006, 11:57:57 AM by Trout Maharishi

Might take the kids down to the dump and shoot a few rats. They just love for me to BBQ them some rats on a stick, good cheap way to feed em to. Believe me you need all the help you can get when you have 9 of em :o Need to start laying in some yak chips to burn for my stove this winter. Never can start too early. Winter here comes early, and stays late. Might have time to drink a couple liters of chang and wet a line Sunday.

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Just bought a plane ticket to go to my college Homecoming football game tomorrow.  Go Rutgers!