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Table Rock Angler

Started by BoCash3, September 17, 2005, 20:07:20 PM

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William  "Bo" Cash
4515  NC  181
Morganton  NC  28655

828-433-RODS (7637)

Wade and float trips on the Watauga and South Holston Rivers in East Tennessee. Began regularly fishing both of these challenging tailwaters  in summer of 1971 and  fortunately am still learning.   
Wade trips to streams in Western NC, Northeast TN, and SW Virginia.
Casting, water reading, and tackle rigging  instruction  included as needed.
Trips individually tailored to  clients' needs whether total beginner or seasoned addict.

Born in Morganton in 1949.  Fly fished since 1957 in many different states and Canada.  Cut my teeth on area mountainous gorges -  finding, hiking into, and exploring many streams on my own as a kid.  Topo map freak.    Professional educational background in biology and the sciences which is  used to share information about the natural history of an area during guided trips.  Serving the public by wrestling with the relicensing of Duke's dams on the Catawba River in NC and SC in an effort to improve public access and fishability of this river.  Custom built and serial numbered over 500 fly rods from 1976 to 1998.  Life member having served in many state and local capacities for Trout Unlimited  since 1971.  Incorrigible collector of  bamboo, graphite, glass rods, and  reels.  Wife tolerates me nicely.
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I recently had the opportunity to meet Bo and purchase items from him
First class guy.  He has a customer for life.


This is by far the best shop around
Teacher by trade. Anyone in this sport of Fly Fishing owes it to themself to just go to his shop and sit and talk with him and you will soon learn that he is a man with many miles of Blue lines under his belt. You'll even get to play with some seasoned Bird Dogs.


Thanks for bumping.   Bo's been scarce lately.

Rick- I have not heard anything about the Catawba in a while.  Any updates or reports?


Catawba has been running wide open when I have checked. Can't give a report I haven't been on it in a while
I haven't wet a hook for more than an hour since MI in late sept

joe friday

Browsing this forum today and saw the Bo Cash topic, so I am going to share:

Back in April I met Bo on a forest service road after fishing a blue line stream.  we had a great conversation and exchanged numbers.  He sent me his book, which I enjoyed very much...

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Holy thread resurrection!

I first met and fished with Bo in the late 1970s and saw him catch monster browns on the Watauga tailwaters, bought my first Winston rod from him in 1980, but haven't seen him in years. MStash keeps me updated on how he's doing every so often.