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Blue Line

Started by brownhunter, September 17, 2005, 14:51:40 PM

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I went to a small blue line today and fished from about 7:45-9:00. Didn't fish long, but it was plenty to quench my thirst.
Place- South Carolina
Altitude- 3,000-3,200 ft.
Fish- 100% Northern Brook Trout
Water- mid 50S
Hike in- almost 3 miles
Flies- Red Humpy, Brassie, Rubber-legged Prince nymph

The fishing was great on this stream today. I landed three of them and missed just as many. I saw (or spooked) about 2 dozen of these fish. They were absolutely gorgeous and full of like today. I started in this first hole, just trying to get my bearings for the day. The hole was at the base of a plunge pool and the pool was about 2 feet wide, 4 feet long, and 3 feet deep. I was able to stand about 15 feet away from the hole and make the cast to the head of the plunge pool. I was using a Red Humpy dry and a brassie nymph as the dropper rig. I made that cast and the dry went under because of the plunge pool. I began lifting my rig because it went under and something pulled back. I had hooked the largest brookie in my life in this little hole. He hit the dry when it went under and the fight was on. It put a great little bend in my 3 weight. It went right at 12" and was in full colors. I mean bright orange, red, blue, and striking white lines. He even had a kype on him beginning. This was an awesome fish. I could have stopped fishing right then, because my day was complete. I did continue on though and caught a few more. I came upon this one hole and could see 3 big ones on the bottom. The larger of the 3 came up and inspected my fly 4 times, but never took it. Finally, I changed it to a rubber legged prince nymph and she attacked it with a vengeance. It put the other 2 down in that hole, but I got the larger one. It went about 10" and wasn't as colorful, but much fatter. I think it was the female. I also caught a dink and missed many more. This stream is fishing great, but will leave them alone til next year so they can spawn.
Here is a picture that I took on my trip. I guess I wasn't the only one visiting the stream via this path.

"Why, he wondered, did rich people call it sushi while poor people called it bait?"   -- Same Kind of Different as Me


Well, I guess I kept you in suspense long enough, but here is the picture of my big boy that I caught. This picture doesn't do this fish justice. It was so vibrant in its elements and in the wild. The picture was taken with a camera phone; so it isn't the best.

"Why, he wondered, did rich people call it sushi while poor people called it bait?"   -- Same Kind of Different as Me


yeah, those camera phones aren't all that good! but we can tell that was a good fish!


man you got to love those pretty brook trout especially the big ones ;D


Now thats a good brookie, I dont care who you are!
Great report.

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