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Rod for the beginners

Started by teachrtec, September 17, 2005, 08:27:48 AM

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Well another school year merges with another DH season. We have a group tie for the students interested. I'm looking for suggestions on affordable beginner rods for the kids. Any suggestions?

Brad 8)
Brad  8)


Hey Brad, you might want to define "affordable" before we get into this.


Are this going to be for a school sponsered club?  If so, write to the manfacturers asking for donations of outfits.  If they are for the students to buy for themselves, see is a local flyshop can get a deal together for you.
Charter Member Shenandoah Valley Irregulars


Well what they have been getting is a Granger EagleClaw 3wt 7'. I can find them usually between $30-40 range. It's a really good rod for the price. They seem harder to find this year for some reason. I might not have looked hard enough.

The group is not sponsored directly with the school. The prin. doesn't care for us using my classroom to tie or the fields to cast. The kids get their own gear.

I guess I'm fishing for good ideas and suggestions from you all.

Brad 8)
Brad  8)

Creek Scum


Check Hook & Hackle (www.hookhack.com) and look at the Pflueger rods and Pflueger Medalist Pro reels and the Okuma reels. You get 20% off when ordering online.

I got a Pflueger Supreme 7'6" 4wt. for my son a few years ago and it's not a bad small stream rod. They don't make the Supreme any more. I think the Trion replaced it. I recently bought one of the Medalist Pro reels and was impressed by the smoothness of this reel for the price. I'll be getting one or two more of them.

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Any of the companies will sell to a school or shop at a discounted rate if they are being used in a class, ya just have to call them & state your mission.


 yeah creek scum, that pfluguer supreme was a good rod, trion is not as good in my opinion. they had a good thing and screwed it up ::)
Marty Shaffner
Tri-State Angler Guide Service


I started my 2 sons,a brother-in-law and 2 friends on cabela's Three Forks rods.They go about 30.oo per rod and the 7'6" 3wt( feels more like a 4 wt) is a nice little casting rod. The reels that they had in the combo were terrible so I'd look elsewhere for reels.
It's all good drifts


Bass Pro Shops has a similar outfit to the Cabelas.  Still, as a school club, you sould qualify for the educational discount.  Scientific Anglers also has a reasonably nice entry level rod.  It has a foam handle, instead of cork, but there's no compromise in the quality of the rod itself.

Another option is to contact Wal-Mart.  When we started the Lake Rim Flyfishing Clinics, they donated a lot of equipment.   


I have two of the Cabela's Three Forks, 3 wts. (two because at that price, there's my "guarantee," especially against them changing the line-up).  I use it as a 3 wt., but have cast it with a 4, even a 5 for very close work.  Beginners would probably be fine with a 4. 

If you're going to be contacting suppliers, check L.L. Bean.  They do donations; I won a beginners outfit of theirs at a raffle that I gave my nephew.  Although the fittings were low level (a foam grip, etc.), they had not cut corners on design or functionality.  I would gladly fish it.  I think they go about $75 for a whole outfit, if you end up buying.

BTW, the Three Forks can come as an outfit too, which is occaissionally on sale.  The rod is very good and could easily serve someone forever; the reel and line are only "serviceable."  Then again, if it's a $60 outfit to get someone in the sport, serviceable may be all that's needed.  I've seen other Cabela's low price rods in the field, and none were garbage.



Also try Cortland, they have rods and may give you a school discount.
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