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Smallie recon

Started by Discomidge, July 29, 2006, 11:35:12 am

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From Rod Wrapper......
While were packing up from our float last weekend on the New, a guy comes up in a truck asking if we have a ruler. He had a hawg smallie. It measured 22". He caught it on worms, and kept it. It was a beautiful fish.

OK, our security has been breached.....so I'll try to do a little damage control for Peddler(since there are several people he didn't ask to come along and maybe this will spare him from getting a ration of........)

Let me start out by saying that this trip was not for fun, it was pure and simple, only a smallie recon trip for the upcoming Smallie Show. We put in a lot of hard work gathering intel for the upcoming event and hopefully it will pay offnext weekend.

Since Rod Wrapper divulged that we actually went on a trip....I suppose a few of the details can cause no more harm than has already been done.

Last Saturday Rod Wrapper, Englishsetter, Peddler, and I met at one of the put-ins to float the New River(really surprised me that one of the group even showed with the threat of thunderstorms looming). Turned out to be a beautiful day the storms never came, we had a combination of sun and cloud cover all day.

The fish started cooperating right off the bat, they were actively busting minnows all day(even saw one bruiser of about 20 or so inches running minnows up on a gravel bar)......caught em on clousers, poppers, and sliders. Everyone was in double digits, it was one of those days that if you put your fly where the fish should be.....he was gonna hit it, now whether ya landed him was a different story.

Peddler with a good one

Me with a good one

Same fish

Peddler taking a break or a leak....not sure.....guess I really don't wanna know.

It definitely was a good day, hope the Smallie Show is just as successful and JUST as rainless



Good flicks,Cuz

I appreciate yawl doing the scouting for me >:D



Well, I still think Peddler is the guy with the worms, but those are some nice pics and a very very nice fish.  Congrats.


I am always amazed & grateful fer the recon trips that some folks will do without one thought of their risking life and limb fer our benefit...  Damn, Peddler even risked gettin' rained on  ;D

Thanks fer a Grand Recon Report...

Hope to see y'all next W/E

-you can't conquer a free man; the most you can do is kill him.  Robert A. Heinlein.

Rod Champion

That is a dang nice smallie Disco... I mean that is a nice fish.
Rod + Matt Champion
Fly Shop/ Guide Service
Located ON the S. Holston River

Brent G

Disco that's is a nice one !  :)  Looks like y'all did do a lot of fishin and not much richin around   ;D

Brent G

Trout Chaser

Damn nice fish Disco.  Wish I was joining y'all this weekend. o-o


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