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Tubing on trout streams

Started by waffo56, July 22, 2006, 11:56:00 AM

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Recently, I spent two weeks at various streams in NC. The  Little River, Davidson, Deep creek, to name

a few. I was surprised at the number of tubers that would drift right into my spot and almost run over

me. No excuse me, no apology of any kind. just barge rightr on thru and keep going.

I wrote to the Park service, and the Nat. Forrest service and complained to them about it. I also

mentioned the cost involved in a two week fishing trip coming from Florida. It didn't seem to have

and impression on the rangers that answered my emails. I was told  that the streams were for everyone's use and if I didn't want to be bothered by tubers, I should find smaller streams with lots of rocks that discourage tubing. I guess the amt. of money spent on trout fishing doesn't approach the

many tubers outlay of cash to pursue their fun. Maybe I will just come to fish in May and October and

hope the water is too cold for tubers. Must be very frustrating to be guiding someone for a fee and have

tubers ruin the day of fishing.

Waffo56 o-o

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Over the years, tubbing has grown considerably.  It wasn't that long ago that no one tried to tube the Davidson above the old swimming hole at the upper end of the campground.  Now you have tubbers putting in at the confluence with Looking Glass many miles upstream.  While I don't find that tubers actually disturb the fish very much, they do disturb the fisherman considerably.  More than once I've had to pull in my line to keep from snagging some tubbers.

It is a difficult situation.  I think the best solution is that being used on Deep Creek.  There is a pretty good stretch, below Indian Creek, were tubes are allowed, but all water upstream is off limits to tubbers.  No one wants to see "No Swimming" signs posted all over the place, but fishing does deserve a bit more respect than it seems to be getting these days. 



Your best bet to miss the tubers is in the following months. March through May, then Sept through December. The water is too cold, for all but the hardiest of tubers.

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Stuart R.

Ya like the idiot that parked a Hyde right in front of me and dropped anchor on the Wataqua 2 years ago. It was a guide with that this is my river attitude. Had 2 clients onboard. I finally put on indicator so they could see how close I was really casting to them to watch them duck. I cussed some and left. If you are out there Mr. guide I still think what you done was dead wrong.


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I think the tubers should have to buy a permit..........we have to. After all, they are using a resource. We have to buy trout licenses and gameland permits........while they do it for free.

Woolly Bugger

1. I'll bet tube rental brings more $$ into Bryson City that Fly Fishing does.

2. There are over 1,000 miles of fishable water in the park, and not many are filled with tubers. Walk a little further or pick a smaller stream. Tubes aren't easy to navigate and they pretty much go where the river takes them. If they tried to "get out of your way" they would more than likely disturbed the stream more by splashing. Like previous post pointed out. Tubing is limited on Deep Creek below Indian Creek. With a little research or even asking a park ranger you could have found the solitude your were after. The rivers you named are among the most highly used stream in the park/state, with roadside access and campgrounds. I would have been frustrated too.

3. It sux when a guide thinks he can anchor his boat on top of a wadeing fisherman. Clients of the boat should be ashamed also. If I was floating with a guide and he pulled that type of crap, I'd let him know about it.

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Do you every say excuse me for fishing the hole I'm trying to tube thru ;) 

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