Redington Benchmark rubber sole/Simms Freestone

Started by Onslow, February 09, 2024, 20:29:35 PM

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I've been using Simms Freestone boots for some time.  I've own, and worn out at least 3 pair.  The freestone does offer great foot protection, but outer shoe material tends to shrink over time, and the inner material above the toe box tends to buck down when this happens. This typically occurs before the shoe wears out, and makes the boot unwearable.

I recently read a review of the Redington Benchmark and on the con column was "wide toe box".  WTF, I need a wide toe box, so I ordered a pair. Although the advertised weight is nearly the same as the Freestone, the Redington boot feels lighter.  It has much less leather, so hopefully shrinkage will not be an issue. The toe box is wide, and this is boot is very easy on my feet.  The materials inside the boot are less robust than the Freestone, but seems to do less to inflame my bunions and Mortons neuroma. I would only upsize for stocking waders, and not for thinner wading socks. The Redington Benchmark seems to feel a bit larger than the current Freestones, although I will say the older were are also larger than the current. My last pair of Freestones were made in China, but the Benchmark boot is much more affordable. One could purchase one felt and a rubber sole for the price of one name brand product.