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Beadchain Black Ghost

Started by phg, July 20, 2006, 14:27:48 PM

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The Beadchain Black Ghost is a modification of a traditional streamer patter.  Beadchain eyes are mounted on top of the hook, causing the fly to swim hook up.  Consequently, most of the rest of the materials are reverse mounted.  This is an excelent baitfish pattern where small, light colored baitfish, such as shiners or shad, are found.

Hook:  Standard streamer size 4 to 8, 6XL or 8XL
Thread:  Black
Weight:  Silver beadchain tied in about 3 hookeye lengths behind the eye.
Tail:  Yellow hackle fibers
Body:  Black floss or yarn
Rib:  Medium silver tinsel
Wing:  Four webby, white hackles.  Saddle hackles will make a long thin fly.  The example here uses more rounded Chinese neck feathers for a fatter more shad-like fly.
Hackle:  Yellow hackle fibers, beard stlye,  tied a bit sparse.
Cheeks:  Traditonally, a Black Ghost has junglecock eye cheeks, but with the beadchain, a second set of eyes isn't needed.