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New Tent Arriving Tomorrow

Started by Phil, May 09, 2023, 15:41:15 PM

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My 6-7 year old Kelty tent has gotta go. I'm done with not being able to stand up inside and having to crawl out on all 4s. My bad back just can't take it anymore. Since I am accustomed to the space of a 4 man tent (no 2 man backpacker for me), I did a bunch of research and ended up ordering the MSR Habitude 4 tent. A bit pricey, but hopefully top quality. I don't like getting wet, so waterproofing is a major factor along with the headroom.
Will post a review after breaking it in at spring PFF next week.


My review is that the tent is well worth the money. The materials are far superior to the Kelty and North Face tents I have owned. Set up is amazingly easy for one person to set up -- unlike many other "4 man" tents. No leaks in the rain we had (not very heavy rain, however), no problems with winds. Being able to fully stand inside and only having to bend over to enter and exit is a huge plus for me. Two thumbs up on the MSR Habitude 4 tent.
Edit -- roomy vestibule and lots of mesh pockets inside for gear.


fine looking tent Phil
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But I can't fully stand up in it.  :laugh:
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Quote from: Dougfish on May 22, 2023, 18:29:54 PMNice.
But I can't fully stand up in it.  :laugh:

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