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Out of the blue...

Started by Woolly Bugger, July 07, 2022, 08:46:24 AM

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Woolly Bugger

Quote from: trout-r-us on August 05, 2022, 09:23:12 AMWhatever ya do, don't run under a tree.

On a day that I got blown off the river, I sat in my car waiting for the storm to pass. Not far away, a small group of kayakers were standing under a tree waiting for their shuttle. I almost went to ask them if they wanted to wait in the car with me...  <-;:
ex - I'm not going to live with you through one more fishing season!
me -There's a season?

Pastor explains icons to my son: you know like the fish symbol on the back of cars.
My son: My dad has two fish on his car and they're both trout!

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