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American Food. Gratitude Overdue

Started by Onslow, June 21, 2022, 20:21:10 PM

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One of the most interesting historic sites in America is Mesa Verde.  While the cliff dwellings get all the attention, the topography is fascinating, and the climate and topography once sustained a sizeable community of people. American Indians were great stewards of the land, domesticators of animals, and breeders of corn, squash, tomatoes, peppers.  Artifacts from there work can be found here. One of the coolest remnant dug up on the dry mesa is diminutive corn cob/partial husk all of 3 inches long.  I cannot imagine the tedious work domesticating all of these plants.  I also cannot imagine not having any of these items in my diet.

The next planting adventure may be Chayote. I've never eaten Chayote, but there are now cultivars that will grown in Carolina, and it appears to be a prolific producer although the much work is required to successfully grow it.

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