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Bewildering Transients

Started by Onslow, May 10, 2022, 07:44:10 AM

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Some streams are gradient heavy on the top end, while others may be flat on the top end, and then gorge out at downstream. The latter tend to be quirky, sometimes yielding monster browns, but mostly just frustrating as heck. I was fishing a stream that is flat up high, and rockier and steeper down low. Altitude was around 2400'

At this watershed, I've caught smallmouth and brook trout out of the same pool, but not at the same time of year.  I've caught brook trout 10 miles downstream of where I've caught smallmouth, but generally, brook trout and browns inhabit the upper, bows and browns are in the nasty middle w/ some bass, and then brook, browns, and smallies inhabit the lower. It appears all the fish in this stream travel a lot. Smallmouth have been observed traveling over 100 miles in one year in other parts of the country.

Yesterday, at the second cast, I stuck a nice fish, perhaps 16-18". Damn thing jumped, head shaked, and that was the end. It was holed up under an undercut rock at a shady bank.  Unfortunately, not much happened in the face of the flesh melting sunshine. I did spook many smaller 10-12 inch fish at mid stream rocks, clearly trout, and not shiners or suckers. About 2/3 of the way in, I walked up on what I suppose was a bow behind a rock holding on a bed of gravel. It was reluctant to move, and I was 6' behind it.  Not sure how to process what I just saw.  I was close enough to see the spots on the fins. Shortly thereafter, just 20' up, fish on, and then another.  Nice to see some smalljaws.

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Fishing sucked, but it was nice to be out.

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Sounds like a very interesting water body with the wide array of terrain and species.  Slow fishing beats a day in the office.  You're giving me cabin fever with all of these outings recently.

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