Snooze in the woods, warblers, and blind hog finding an acorn

Started by Mudwall Gatewood 3.0, May 04, 2022, 09:35:46 AM

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Mudwall Gatewood 3.0

After 4 weeks of getting up around 4am, I finally heard a receptive bird and persuaded him to close within shooting distance.  It has not been a good season here in the hills and hollows; we don't have many birds.  I think I've heard 5 gobblers and all but one rattled a few times on the roost, then vamoosed in total silence.

I am not a great turkey hunter, but this male and his behavior was special.  He traveled over 300 yards across a field from his roost.  We don't have many open fields in this neck of the woods.  He answered early but started moving away, so I brought out the gobble call with some trepidation; I was certain there were no other hunters close, plus I was on private land.  He immediately answered, turned, moved closer where he saw my 2 decoys.  Zigging and zagging cautiously across the field towards me for over an hour.  Twice he halted his advance, but scratching leaves at the fields edge seemed to restore his interest. His beard was 10 inches, and his spurs were 1.5.

Also, I added a new bird to the list during these spring hunts, a Black throated Green Warbler, which is supposedly common, but has eluded me for years.  I also saw several Ovenbirds, which I had not seen in a few years; a ground bird, they get darned close when you are napping, in the sun, next to an oak.  Yes, a siesta in the woods might be the best part of spring turkey season.

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nice! glad you got one!

actual footage of hiner in action...

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Good for you. I agree about napping in the woodlands, there's no place to shut your eyes that competes with it.

Glad to hear that you got a new bird species. Not sure if I've seen an Ovenbird or the warbler you mentioned. Being completely colorblind has always hindered my birding skills (along with SO many other things) when different shades are considered.

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