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Easter Break Trip Report

Started by joe friday, April 17, 2022, 14:42:39 PM

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joe friday

My school system let out Wednesday at noon.  It was a much needed break to recharge and recoup my batteries and sanity.  I was headed to the NC mountains by 4am on Thursday.

I'd been studying my blue line maps and wanted to try some places I hadn't been before. By noon on Thursday, I was getting my boots wet in a wild stream, finally.  It took me a bit to work the kinks out of my system, but it didn't take long for the wild fish to bite.

This little Rainbow got me started, and I was not unhappy.

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I fished through some small pools and missed several.  Maybe they were dinks, but they were definitely going for the dry fly.  I cut away the dropper and kept going.

This picture may not illustrate it well, but the trees overhanging this stretch made for challenging casts. 
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But the challenge was worth it.  This big wild brown missed once and then came back to take my dry fly.  It made the trip for me.  What a great take.

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I was worn out shortly thereafter and called it a day, but had a good plan for the next.

Word to the wise, a River Quiver will only work if you put the flyrods INSIDE the tubes.  I might have been mentally spent, but I accidentally put my rod on the crossbars while I put my other gear away.  I then drove away.  I got about 3 miles down the forest service road when I thought about it.  I had to find a place to turn around, then hightailed it back as fast as I dared on the winding road.   Thankfully, there it was sitting only a few yards from where I had parked.

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The next morning I set out for another creek I had my eye on.  Just a little bit of walking put me into some very lovely water.  The flowers were blooming.

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The Butter Browns were still hitting the dry.

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This Rainbow was might chunky for his length.  He probably got picked last in dodgeball at recess.

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This guy was a fighter.  And I am especially happy with him because I just knew he was there in that pool and would hit my fly if I put it in the right place.  I think it was the third cast, and he struck it.  Got himself hooked close to the eye, and I was concerned he might be hurt, but he swam away strong and angry.

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There just aren't enough dirt roads in our lives.  Many of you here probably recognize this path.  :laugh:

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I had my share of misses and got tangled more than I want to admit.  I had one flop out of my hands as I fumbled with the phone camera.  But man, was this trip necessary!

I've tried from time to time to get my wife to come fishing with me, even if she would just relax on the bank with a book or something.  So far, she has declined.  But I prepared and enjoyed this lunch with her in mind because she loves charcuterie...maybe next time.

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Nicely done.  'c;
Got the twin to your truck. Except 6'bed, trifold hard cover, step rails.
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It'll be 'cause of you..."
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Fine fish and trip report!  'c;


Looks like a great trip. Pretty fish sweet reel and I'm a wine man myself.

Woolly Bugger

Nicely done — glad your rod was recovered intact — I've recovered 3 broken, one intact and another one was lost by driving off with a rod on top
ex - I'm not going to live with you through one more fishing season!
me -There's a season?

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joe friday

Quote from: Woolly Bugger on April 17, 2022, 20:45:23 PMNicely done — glad your rod was recovered intact — I've recovered 3 broken, one intact and another one was lost by driving off with a rod on top

Thanks.   I could have survived without the rod, but that Pflueger medalist reel was given to me by my late uncle.  My heart sank for a brief time.


Good stuff

Nice Taco.

Real fancy at the end.


That second to last brown is a beauty, love that brightness. Hoping to skate some dries here soon myself. I do not recognize that dirt path, maybe I should...?

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