Post 4 of 6: SecretWeapon’s, Peddler’s and LLN’s Excellent Adventure.

Started by landlockednow, September 13, 2005, 18:10:15 PM

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Wednesday was SecretWeapon's day to float with Chris, so LLN and Peddler headed back to the park.  After a stop for Moon Pie in Gardiner, the boys headed back to Soda Butte.

After passing up a number of cars (though not a huge crowd) at various pull offs along the Lamar and lower Soda Butte, we pulled off at a spot about ½ mile from the creek, with a walk across a meadow facing us.  There were no cars (or fishermen) in sight, in any direction, AND for the morning, it remained that way the entire time.

Peddler headed "up the creek" while LLN returned to the area where he had found such great success on Monday.  The fishing initially was a little slow, and then they turned on.  LLN did pretty well on small cuts with a  size 14 grey iris caddis, while Peddler had the heavy artillery out, searching exclusively for huge cutthroats.

When the action slowed, LLN put on a Royal Wulff, and fishing to a riser, 40 feet upstream brought in a respectable 14 incher, as Peddler, fishing 100 yards below brought in an illusive Soda Butte Rainbow about the same size on a huge cricket.

Shortly thereafter, the PMD's started coming off, so LLN switched to a sparkle dun, and the game was on.  In the course of an hour or so, LNN landed 10-12 cuts, including two back to back risers (18-20 inchers).

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It was without a doubt, LLN's best day, not to mention best hour ever.

Peddler had interest from some behemoths, but none were brought to hand.

A little after noon, the boys decided to try some other meadow water and with some regret, left Soda Butte.  As they started out, the noted that they were not the only ones interested in this stretch of water
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Meanwhile, Secret Weapon had a pretty good day on the Yellowstone.  The float was a bit more toward Livingstone than the previous day, and the fishing was better.  Though too busy to snap pictures, SECRETWEAPON caught one 19 inch rainbow that jumped 4 or 5 times including a 5+ foot jump right near the boat. 

SecretWeapon also caught several other large rainbows.  Needless to say, a large number of whitefish were brought to the boat as well.

It rained on Baxman, just a tad, as well.

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Sounds like it just keeps getting better and better.
Really nice fish Jim. Great report.
Didn't you all say Baxter needed a bath  ;)

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