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Looking for entomology book.

Started by Fire-Fly, July 11, 2006, 18:37:47 PM

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I have been fly fishing for about ten years and have never learned to always correctly identify the bugs on the water, can anyone tell me if there is a good book out there that i could buy to look at that would help me describe what insects i may find on the water. Something with good pictures and possibly give the type of fly to use to imitate each type of insect, Thanks.


One of my fav's is an oldie but a goodie; a streamside guide to naturals and their imitations by art flick ;)

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I've compiled a list of entomology books.. http://www.kbrcomm.com/btwc/entomologybooks.html

There is constant change and renaming of species so the older ones aren't always correct...

Mayflies is very complete

Art Flicks is regional I think...New England

Orvis's books is a good place to start too....

Order a few from Amazon scope out the ones that are best for you and send the rest back ;)

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Back in the spring, Discomidge turned me on to "An Angler's Guide to Aquatic  Insects" by Rick Hafele and Scott Roederer and it gets down to the nitty -gritty. Another one I like is "Hatch Guide for New england Streams" by Thomas Ames. The color photos are nice when cross referencing.

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gary lafontaine's books have lots of info about bugs and thier connection to flys. his knowledge is based on field study and he did not jump to conclusions with out good reason. his books can be pricey for a young guy to buy but just like art flicks streamside guide the info and the book will out last you.


Here is one in my library-- The Complete Guide to EASTERN HATCHES  by Tom Fuller

Agood all around book to get things on the right tract

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a.k. best's book is really good, it shows what the bug looks like, all the scientific crap, and then shows the patterns you need to tie to imitate them

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