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Not so local...cold steel

Started by itieuglyflies, November 19, 2021, 15:54:57 PM

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Once again I endured the 8hr. drive from Richmond to the Lake Erie tributaries to join my WV buddy for
5 days of steelhead fishing. For good fishing you need a good flow of water (but not too high) and a good run
of fish. In November, it can go either way and can change fast, plus the weather factor...several times I have
been chased south by the ole lake effect snows.
This year we hit it just right. Three days prior to our arrival the streams were blown out but dropping and clearing
when we arrived, but by the last day the water had dropped and cleared.....very spooky fish.

Did I mention weather? One early morning we were hit by an ice storm. My chest pack
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Nobody must work these days. Covid has put them on the trout streams. We saw more folks out this year than ever.
But with miles of streams to fish and the willingness to walk, solitude and good fishing could be found.
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What I particularly like about steelheads is their willingness to hit a fly. I have found dead drifting a white
streamer can be deadly as it imitates a dying emerald shiner. Prior to the trip I tied up 15 and needless to say
they got chewed up.
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We caught lots of fish (and yes Woolly I know I am bad, but I counted). As the water cleared we switched over to
small size 14 and 16 nymphs.
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How many fish can you see in this picture?
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 Good fun for sure....As Arnold would say "I will be back"



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Trout Maharishi

You got into some nice looking fish! :cheers  Sometimes the worse the weather is the better they bite.
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Those are some fine looking fish, and some really good looking water. What lives in there besides the steelhead?
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Big J

I look forward to this report every year!  d:b Does your friend like to make new friends?

Woolly Bugger

looks like a grand time @itieuglyflies  :cheers

something that I've been talking about for some time  V:;
ex - I'm not going to live with you through one more fishing season!
me -There's a season?

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Those white streamers are the ticket on Erie tribs more often than not.

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joe friday

Wow!  that looks fantastic.  Thanks for sharing!


FYI- there were at least 6 Steelheads visible in the last stream shot photo in my report. It always amazes me how just trout can blend into their environment.  (much easier to see when on stringer...and that's ok, too)


Good stuff, Fred.     Pretty steel   !!!





What rod wt you swinging?
euro any?


Quote from: Fishbug on November 27, 2021, 14:49:37 PM:Dance

What rod wt you swinging?
euro any?
Use 10ft Syndicate 7wt...and depending on conditions, often do tight line nymphing (euro), but most of time regular fly line set-up
necessary for longer presentation. I carry two reels


I know that there is a month left in this year, but you have had a helluva year with the fly rod. All the stripers in VA. plus  lots of trout in E. Tenn.  And now this great steel trip.  Pat on the back for  a great year in the water   !!!!!

  Stone- Man

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