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Any suggestions on damage done by Fred, et al on WNC streams?

Started by troutboy_II, September 11, 2021, 11:04:02 AM

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TroutGirl and I got out for the first time since the deluge and tried a stream off of 215 that we really like. On the drive up 276 to get there (shortcut via Davidson Hatchery rd. was closed and Big D looked like it was at least 20 feet wider with bright white clean rock shining through).  So we wondered what our target stream would look like.

Well, it looked like someone had taken a Brillo pad to this relatively narrow stream. When looking up you could see water borne brush stuck in tree limb a good 12-15 feet above you.  :o I've seen many of these streams after big rain events before, but nothing like this.

You can usually see fish in this little gem, even if you can't convince them to bite, but not today. Only one refusal to even talk about later.

So my question to this esteemed group (well, some exceptions to that of course) is, given the general comments along the lines of "them trouts just hunker down and ride it out- no problem :wave), is that just BS?  I mean there was crap way up in the trees for dog's sake?  Could those little specs really hang in there in light of that?



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I suspect that they humkerdown on the bottom finding pockets of clam as the river rages above. It's hard to imagine any quarter from the raging torrents, but they have survived since the ice ages.

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I fished the Tar one week after Fran.  The bite was good

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I suspect it won't effect your catch rate much one way or the other /'/
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I'm very anxious, nervous, excited, etc to get back up to my favorite streams in that area and see what has happened to them.  Unfortunately that won't be until early winter, but I'm extremely intrigued to see what damage has been wrought.
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Those specks have been dealing with it for thousands of years. It does affect the populations. Probably the same stream you're talking about was just starting to recover from the 2004 floods that were almost as bad on the headwaters.

On another note, 90,000 lbs. of big fat rainbows washed out of the Sunburst Trout Farm and into the river. Buddy of mine showed me a pic yesterday of a limit of 2-footers he caught behind his house the other day.
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