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AP Turkey

Started by troutphisher, July 07, 2006, 19:48:05 PM

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Hook: Mustad 9671 #14

Thread: Brown 8/0 Uni-Thread

Rib: fine copper wire

Body: Turkey tail fibers (6)

Thorax: Turkey tail fibers over Peacock Herl

Tail: Turkey tail fibers (6)

Legs: Turkey tail fibers from thorax case, bent and trimmed as shown (4) per side.
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TP, I dont use turkey, and i dont have any... i was just wondering if pheasant tail fibers would work just as well... would they??
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That 's an awsome looking nymph to imitate a march brown. ;hb  I would put a small black tungsten bead on the front though.


Brad  8)

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