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Smallie Trip 6/17 - A Pictorial

Started by DarrinG, July 01, 2006, 20:22:45 PM

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July 01, 2006, 20:22:45 PM Last Edit: July 03, 2006, 13:11:59 PM by DarrinG
On 6/17 I loaded my boat and picked up a friend for a day floating a smallmouth flow. My buddy, who is a trout fisherman, had never floated for smallies. We continued to another meeting place where we were to hook up with a gentleman from SC who had never landed a smallmouth either. I was to be the "unofficial river guide" for the day and host these guys and try to put them onto some frisky smallies. My buddy was taking the front seat of my drift boat and the other gentleman was bringing his own toon as he is experienced in manning oars himself and has his own boat.

After a meeting at a local burger joint and hand shakes and chat, we headed to the river. God blessed us with absolutely beautiful weather for our outing. Water was about perfect for fishing, a ever slight stain to it and enough flow to navigate the rock gardens without getting jammed too often.

We got our gear loaded and on the water about 12:30PM. First thing....as I was carrying the front of my boat and backing up, I slipped on a rock and splash....down I went. Got to test the temp of the water real quick, LOL....We all had a good laugh and got the boats in the water (along with me...haha). Good thing I was wet-wading anyhow.... :lol: Got my annual fall-in over and now I dont have to be dreading my yearly plunge any longer.... :lol: Now, I know this is a fly fishing forum, and there were indeed fish landed on the long rod this day, but more were landed on spinning gear. I'm a fly guy only when it comes to trout, and also cast bugs some for smallies, but I'm not predijuce against spinning gear when it comes to smallmouth fishin...

Onto the rest of the day.... ;)

We took off down river. My buddy I was manning the oars for is experienced in fishing but mainly trout. After a few bits of info like "See that slack water behind that eddy? Cast to the rear of the eddy and twitch the lure through that"....he took to nailing `em! He caught on real fast for a first-timer on smallmouth's.

We stopped a couple of times to chew the fat and grab a cool soda and fellowship some. I made a new friend in the gentleman from SC. He was very cordial and a pleasure to fish along with. He also landed his first smallmouth on fly gear too. I enjoyed his company and our chats along the river!

Fishing started off decent but once that hot midday sun got straight up and no breeze, the fish got quite finicky but we still plugged along with dreams of the evening shade landing on the water and the fish turning on and the evening bite firing up. My buddy in the front of my boat was still managing a few fish along. He really took to the different techniques for river smallmouth's quick. I accused him of being one of the Linder Bros in disguise... :lol: I manned the oars most of the day and now have some sore arms and shoulders. I kept the oars manned and kept the boat in position in the currents to put him on fish but managed to do some fishing myself. Clay snapped this photo at a distance as we were approaching his position downriver to sit and chew the fat awhile. Cant see us too well but my buddy is in the front seat and I'm behind him manning the oars on my 1220.

As the evening drew closer, the fishing picked up as expected. My buddy in my boat started picking up more fish with better size, some real pretty colored fish too. I think I created a monster...he's already wanting to know when we're going again!  :)

About 45 minutes till dark we floated through a section I knew held good fish. I let the boat drift and picked up my rod and saw a nice fish swirl my rig. I immediately cast back to the same area and WHAM...the fish was on! He really put on a show for us too, tail-dancing across the top-water like a ballet. After a good 6-7 minute fight, my buddy got his hands on my fish and brought it aboard. My best smallie of the year, a real PIG! I was smiling from ear to ear!

I've had days on the water this year where we landed many more fish as in numbers but this day was just fantastic. Friends, whether on the water, at work or wherever...makes the day. The Bible talks quite alot about friends, about the value of friendship and how to be a friend. I thank God for my friends, as without friends, a man would be most miserable. The time spent with these guys on a scenic mountain river chasing fish was just a  great day...even if we had caught zero fish.

Guys, I had a great day. Thanks for the comradre!

Woolly Bugger

Looks like you guys had a great day on the river! Thanks for the great photos and report!
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Marty Shaffner
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