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Re: Wish us luck

Started by RiverbumCO, June 08, 2020, 10:40:52 AM

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someone help me with that youtube embed

Anywho, twas invited from the Alexander the Spork to accompany him and some of his "other" friends on a weekend at the Holson.  We were going to 'bar-ee'(Borrow, but in Graysons native tongue) his 2-man pontoon dubbed, the Nanner boat.  The week leading up to this event things went haywire.  One of his bros got the rona, and another was a cop who was told he couldnt take any PTO during the great riots.  So i am with a hall pass and a wife non-the-wiser of where the fuck i slept.  So with intentions of camping and floating we set sail, proverbially and literally. 

First stop was Gray-bays, who was in a complete state of disarray.  We managed to gather all the loose pieces necessary to row his boat, excluding a pump and oarlocks.  We detoured to his dads house to get these necessary items (minus the pump, it may not even exist anymore) and we were on the way.  Arranged a shuttle and put in around 1230.

Spork is a not an experienced rower.  Plan was to have me row the first leg of the journey, through most of the turbid water and have him toss streamers, then swap after big springs.


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The streamer bite was off, even with the extra flow.  Guy at the fly shop was a try-hard, and he may have gave some bad info.  But the Spork did previal on a few LDRs and one fish landed before switching to dries, which they were taking readily.

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Bugs were 14's, which makes everyone happy.

It rained several times and even thundered, and once i got through the first few rapids it was time for Spork to row.  He picked it up quick and did surprisingly well, but he did drop anchor in a fast water section and we were never able to get it back up, so we cut that bitch off.  Not long after he took over, i noticed a riffle ahead.  As we got close that riffle turned into a slightly technical 2' drop.  With some quick coaching, we actually made it through easily with Sporkstack Lightning on the sticks.

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We caught at least 25 on dries and nymphs, maybe more, and lost a bunch off the boat, which didnt hurt our feelins much.  Later in the float i moved a good fish on a streamer but he wouldnt eat.  The takeout arrived at 7:15, and we were soaked and ready for our "cabin."  The cabin was $32, suspiciously cheap, and for good reason.  It was glorified morton building about 12'x12' but it was all we needed.  We ate bologna and pork rinds, and made a fire.  Before long we had others joining.  One guy from Charlotte who loved hearing hisself talk, and two openly racist Alabama boys who got under Sporks skin talking shit about David Bowie.  At least the loudmouth Charlotte guy brought beer and Buffalo Trace.

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They changed the schedule of generation in the AM from 9am start to 6am start, so we had about 1.5 hours to wade fish before we had to leave.  The great Spork walks down to the river and within 10 minutes hes bitching about needing a net man or some shit.

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21-22" nice'un

I caught one rainbow on a nymph and tried on dries but it wasnt happening so we decided to take the long way home around Watauga Lake.  Yea, never again. 

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You boyz make me proud.
No pump, no anchor. What's next? Oar(s)?
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Woolly Bugger

with the spork losing an anchor is better than losing an oar  :drum
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We almost lost one...the handle end popped off early in the float so i had to beat it back in.
My real name is Chad Farthouse.

Sedition and Pockets

That last one's got a 25" head on him.  Cool fish.


Did y'all see any whores
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The unofficial chef of brfff went and you had bologna and pork rinds?


Well planned and executed.


Per the whore statement...we did an evening venture to "the store" and encountered what is surely the town rag doll, in all her addicted glory. I clammed up and so did Matt.
My real name is Chad Farthouse.

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Grayson and boats is sketchy sketchy business.  One time I fished in his boat he was 3 hours late and lost his oars coming down the highway.

Makes me happy to see Erik fishing again. 


For the record, the loudouth from Charlotte was not me.  I can relate to the Buffalo Trace part.

Glad to bote didn't sink.   That drop you speak of can be tricky for us with limited rowing skills.
Yup, going fishing


Good stuff, and some nice fishes. Glad y'all didn't drown and shit.
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Quote from: Woolly Bugger on June 08, 2020, 11:04:27 AMwith the spork losing an anchor is better than losing an oar  :drum

I can paddle with the worst of em old man...or row..I dont give a fuck about shit

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