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Al's Book!

Started by Woolly Bugger, May 19, 2020, 10:42:10 AM

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Woolly Bugger

The first hand account of Captain Al Kittredge's experiences during two tours of service in the Vietnam war. He commanded two Special Forces "A" teams at the height of the Vietnam war and later trained Cambodian soldiers how to fight. This is a historical compilation of his contribution to the effort and events that shaped his experiences on the ground.

QuoteFor many years I've told people around Memorial Day and Veterans Day to take time out and go meet a vet. Hear their stories, buy them a beer or shake their hand.

I've also long been an advocate of veterans writing a memoir for future generations to learn about. This one I will recommend in advance. I've known Al Kittredge for a little over 12 years. He got me back into fly fishing. We've also hunted together and have done volunteer work in outdoor education together. Some of these stories I've heard over a beer and a campfire on a fishing trip. Others I've read in his Facebook posts. I am one of many people that have encouraged him to write about his experiences. And now it's here! Congratulations I'm proud of you buddy!

-- Brian Lee
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Thanks Woolly and Brian for the "shout outs"

Most of you know me as "Al" but depending on how we met you may also know me as Albert; Mr. Al; Professor Kittredge; Al Kittredge, CPP  or maybe some other name which you mutter under your breath.

If we are friends on Facebook you may already know that over the past year and a half I have been writing and posting short stories about what I saw and did in Vietnam many, many years ago. I didn't start out planning to write a book. I just wanted to put some short stories down on paper for my kid's to remember me by. Encouragement from folks who read them on Facebook prompted me to explore the possibility of polishing them up a bit and consolidating into a book. Here we are - all 218 pages.

As I wrote in the beginning of my book - I'm a Vietnam Vet who until recently, like so many other veterans of that ill-fated war, did not talk a lot about what I saw and did. That changed about 5 years ago when I realized if we don't talk soon all that history will be lost. I wasn't a hero but I did serve alongside many heroes. Every Vietnam Vet could and should write their story – depending on where we were and in what timeframe everyone's story would be different. I take pride in not embellishing my stories – what you read or hear from me actually took place.

If you are interested click on the link provided by Woolly. Once the site opens up click on the "Look Inside" box on the top left hand side for a free preview. If you do purchase my book I'll say "thanks" in advance. I'll also offer a huge "thank you" for any comments on the Amazon "review page" once you have read the book. 

If you have friends who might also be interested please forward the link to them.


It's OK to use my real last name Keith.

I'll be ordering one tonight Al and I'll give you a proper review.


WOW!!!  Get it while it's hot folks. My book is #1 in it's category for new releases. Thank you all for the vote of confidence. Let me know when you have it in hand and have a few chapters under your belt.


My copy is in the mail. Get your signing pen ready Al!


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I'll get one, Al. Congrats!


Got one ordered.  Lookin' forward to reading it.
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Stalk softly and carry a green stick.


My copy has landed.  :cheers


Started reading Al's book on Memorial Day.  I was lucky to have served only stateside during our war, and as Al said, nobody that came back from Vietnam ever talked about it.  So Al, thanks for sharing. 

As I've done the last several years on this day, I looked back at my high school's senior class web page to remember those we lost in Vietnam: four that I know of, two from the 173rd Airborne in Dak To.  Lest we forget.
Stalk softly and carry a green stick.


Got mine and read it Memorial Day. I am just glad we have folks like Al that have and continue to serve to protect our freedoms.


Quote from: itieuglyflies on May 26, 2020, 10:10:18 AMGot mine and read it Memorial Day. I am just glad we have folks like Al that have and continue to serve to protect our freedoms.

X2   Mine's in the mail.

Congrats on the book, Al


Well, I fought the Amazon password issue for 20 minutes and can't get it to take. Will keep trying or maybe get someone to buy it and send it to me


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