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Your Thoughts on Private Water?

Started by Dee-Vo, February 15, 2020, 10:57:46 AM

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Is this something you're for? Stretches that have been available to public forever that are now blocked off and accessible only for a private club or gated community or guiding outfit.

Do you see it as an awesome place to catch unnaturally large fish in private and it's worth the money to join a private club?

Or, do you see it as the same as stocked stream fishing since lots of them offer supplemental feeding and the fish don't really leave the area?

Or, do you think the private fishing club, gated community, etc., idea is ridiculous?

Or, do you see it as an equal to a wild stream that is highly off-limits that sees zero pressure, but you're lucky enough to gain access and so you should be able to score some really nice fish that nobody else can get to?


I think it sucks.......a new kind of gun control
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I'm for the US and state governments owning some land for the benefit of all.  If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Gluttonous hogs that own 4-8 mcmansion homes that stay unoccupied the majority of the time should have their impulses curtailed.  Sidenote: I observed a lady having a breakdown because she did not have time to furnish her fourth house this past Christmas.

Fishing club property is lame.  Go natural, or stay home. Instaspam hero poses with big club fish are lame and phony.  Documenting fine wild specimens is a celebration of nature's bounty.

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I view it as an invitation to night fish with bait and fill the freezer.  Fuck 'em and feed 'em pellets.

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Quote from: 22midge on February 15, 2020, 11:49:32 AMI think it sucks.......a new kind of gun controlpro-gun movement

I agree "it sucks", but I don't feel it is the new gun control.  It may be more logical to compare the 2 minorities, those Americans that own firearms (20% if you trust the numbers) and those swells that support, access, utilize, and/or own private waters.

"According to the General Social Survey, conducted by the National Policy Opinion Center at the University of Chicago, the prevalence of gun ownership has declined steadily in the past few decades. In 1973, there were guns in roughly one in two households in the United States; in 2010, one in three. In 1980, nearly one in three Americans owned a gun; in 2010, that figure had dropped to one in five."

This organization may be worth a look.
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Hate them (unless I've got an invitation*  d:b )

Fuck Donnie beaver

*Private Waters that I've fished: Jackson River, Mitchell River at Devotion, Davidson River DRO trophy section

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I've never met a true fly fisherman and conservationist who takes pride in saying they enjoy fishing private water. I see these private fee fishing areas as a true detriment to our sport. Not only do they charge outrageous fees, they also play this fairy tale that "huge fish live everywhere". For a beginning angler they are cheated the true "fishing" experience. The only exception I have for these areas are those that are run by state agencies for expenses(vdgif fee fishing areas) or some now are technically "privately owned", but pay fees to use the state(western spring creek lodges)


I've only fished one private stretch. Early in my fly fishing revival, I fished a section of the Jackson a few times. You could rent a house there and fishing was included. It was a steal with 4-6 guys splitting the bill. A 1.5 mile stretch to ourselves. Big, feisty private hatchery bows. That resource got rejiggered and the great deal disappeared. 
Now I'm a wild fish purist snob?  n!n
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My home water in the early 1970's near Foscoe is now a private fishing club that costs $40K to join and $1500/yearly fee.  b';

Sedition and Pockets

Quote from: Phil on February 15, 2020, 19:32:30 PMMy home water in the early 1970's near Foscoe is now a private fishing club that costs $40K to join and $1500/yearly fee.  b';

I was thinking of that very stretch when I saw this topic.


Quote from: Phil on February 15, 2020, 19:32:30 PMMy home water in the early 1970's near Foscoe is now a private fishing club that costs $40K to join and $1500/yearly fee.  b';

If there are no benefits aside from having a quiet place to fish, this is one shabby investment.  I fail to comprehend how someone so foolish with money could manage to stay wealthy. 


I got invited to fish there around 10 years ago. Surreal. The riverkeeper stood around getting in my way, pellet feeders were on the bank in a few places, etc. If the fish wouldn't bite he'd throw out pellets and the water would explode. Sure, big ol' stogger hawgs. Sure, it was fun to catch an 8 pound rainbow or six. Kinda like one of those "big game hunts" where they let the lion out of its cage so ya can shoot it, I guess. Not for me....


Not for me either. I fished some private water near Boone about 15 -20 years ago and I caught a rainbow that weighed about 12 lbs. The owner said that it weighed 16 lbs -I doubt it . I also caught several 5-6 lb pellet pigs. It was fairly fun at first, but it got not fun after 6-7 of those farm fish. I never went back and have not fished private waters since
 Only thing I enjoy now is when a 10 inch wild stream born rainbow sucks up my EHC



I fished a stretch of private water a couple years back. Didn't return....I just wanted to get other opinions.

The private club stretches are one thing, but I hate to see a beautiful creek that has been open for enjoyment since the beginning of time suddenly be gated off for a housing development amenity. Money talks, unfortunately. Always will, most likely.


I've never encountered private river/stream in the states. I guess they're around.

I have fished one in England (River Itchen) and it was one of the best days fishing I've ever had. Would recommend.

Fat stocker rainbows in Appalachia don't get me fired up. I can see why it'd be fun though. Sit around a club house, drink some bourbon and smoke, go hammer some huge trout... Not my cup of tea but it would beat dealing with the unwashed hordes if I were too old or lazy to hike and had cash to blow I guess.
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