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Ross BG6 spare spool

Started by burgessbart, October 30, 2019, 11:01:03 AM

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Seems non-working slack ass punks have come up with a new heist. Stand by the baggage claim and snag any Patagonia black hole bags that come out . I had packed clothes and rods for checked bag. Thought I had all reels in carry on. I have a spare spool for every reel I own over 6wt. Seems I put the reel in the checked grab bag. Going forward I travel lean and everything goes carry on. I never used this spare spool. Loaded with Rio Flats line and get spun backing. . $80 bucks plus $3 to ship . You can pm or shoot me a text to 205-747-8600. Thanks guys .

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Found a complete BG 6. Keeping it. [emoji1303]

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