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Fished with Mad River Lauri (Damsel Fly)

Started by Al, July 29, 2019, 09:21:40 AM

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I've been working for some time to coach Mad River Lauri AKA Damsel Fly out of her self imposed exile from the fishing world. "Back in the day" she was an Orvis Endorsed Guide and active member of Smith River Trout Unlimited (SRTU). She's also a very accomplished free lance artist. All of that fell by the wayside several years ago when she was injured in a workplace accident.

She allows me access to her property for the urban archery season and often feeds me breakfast or dinner when I hunt there. Talking with her and her husband revealed a suppressed desire to get back on the water. I finally convinced her to help SRTU teach a Women's Fly Fishing Class where she did a superb job. She also met many of the SRTU members who put her to ease and wetted her appetite to get back into the fishing game
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The only thing holding her back was her favorite 4 piece fly rod was now a 5 piece due to being no match for a hastily shut car door. No problem – I've repaired rods before so brought it home, made the repair without any noticeable effect on the action. I delivered the rod back to her the following week at the SRTU river clean up 7-27-19 where we snagged 46 tires and 33 bags of trash from the river and surrounding roadways.
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We made a date for fishing the following morning. It didn't take Damsel Fly long to catch the first fish but then it seemed like an eternity before the next one.
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In the meantime I followed her up the same side and began catching those she had failed to interest in whatever fly she was using.
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It didn't take long before she thought maybe a switch to the Allieworm might be a good idea.
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Am I a good guide or what!
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We had a strong finish just before our predetermined take out point. My guess she nailed a half a dozen in a very short stretch of water. I followed with a couple more myself.
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A fine day and we just made another "Smith River Regular"
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I believe Al may be the only angling gynocentric philogynist I know.  But I am proud of him.  As I believe the Boss once said, "he's got game".  Plus, great job by Al, Doug, and crew on cleaning up the river. 
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Lauri's a good 'un! Good to see her on the water, Al!  V:;


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Awesome Al. You are a true keeper of the river.
Guinness! Good God!

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