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New River Wading?

Started by Phil, July 27, 2019, 08:30:05 AM

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Alright, you guys. I've been going to the Smallie Show camp/fish every year for 12-14 years now, held on the New at Zaloo's outpost near the NC/VA border. I always drive around looking for decent wading access points and areas while all the other guys go on floats. I don't have a bote or toon.  b';
Most of the access points suck for wading. I usually end up driving all the way back towards the Todd/Fleetwood/Railroad Grade rd. area, which is almost back home for me. Any places I'm missing up around Sparta NC, Mouth of Wilson or nearby in VA?? I figure if there's anywhere I can ask, it's here -- even if I get shit for it. I'm used to that here, so it don't matter.

<Pssst> don't tell anybody I asked....


You should check out the SF New at the Garvey Bridge Rd area. 

If the SF New is muddy, the Little River NE of Sparta along Rt. 18 is great for a quick hit.  There is a DOT pull where moccasin creek comes in.  The Little is a little fussy at times, but there are plenty of smallies in te 14-18 range, as well as some trout.


Thanks, Ken -- I've fished at the King's Creek access by the Rivercamp USA, but not been on to the Garvey Bridge area. Will try to find that. Stay on rd. 1549 past King's Creek bridge, looks like. Correct?

Also, have not ever tried Little R. Thanx for the tip.  /'/


Yes, go upstream of Kings Creek.  Some land may be private, but it is easy to sneak back to the road.  The float from Fulton Reaves > Garvey is much better than from Zaloos down to Wagoner in terms of pools and structure.

Check out the end of Plumb Nearly Rd. also.  If my memory serves me correctly, this is one of the prettiest, and most isolated sections of the SF that I've been on. If this area is posted, Fulton Reaves is a nearby option.


Both of these are the Little down from 18.  You can also park at Rt. 625 just across the border in VA, and find reasonable water up from there.

Woolly Bugger

I usually go to Farmer's Fishcamp Road bridge, closest drive from WS  <-;:

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Woolly -- Yeah, I tried the Farmer's Fish Camp access last year after it opened back up, but the New was completely blown out last year so I didn't get to fish it. I'm hoping it will be in better (at least remotely fishable) shape this year. Thankee.

Thx, again, Ken. Good.

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