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So, how long have you been using a PC?

Started by Woolly Bugger, June 19, 2006, 06:58:52 AM

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So of us got into computers a lot earlier than others, how long have you had yours?

1980 - 1985
9 (47.4%)
1986 - 1990
3 (15.8%)
1991 - 1995
5 (26.3%)
1996 - 2000
2 (10.5%)
2001 - 2006
0 (0%)

Total Members Voted: 14

Woolly Bugger

I bought my first computer, an Apple IIe, in 1983. Got my first PC (Compaq) for business in 1987, and continued with PCs. I've owned Intel Boxes, Gateway, Dell, Compaq, IBM's. Right now we have four computers in the house; a Sony VIVO, two IBM Thinkpads, and a Gateway Loptop....

I created quite a stir at RJR when I brought my Apple IIC into the office. I was the first person in the company to have a Personal Computer!

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me, too...parents bought a commador 64, but really didn't get into it until the 90's when my first was a gateway desktop.

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My first was a Sanyo with an 8088 CPU and two 5.25 floppys and a whopping 256K (that's right, "K") of RAM.  I think it was 4.3MHz, but don't quote me on that.  During the next couple of years, I upgraded the CPU and applied a hardware hack that increased the RAM to 1MB.  Unfortunately, it ran DOS 2.11, which because of the Sanyo propriatary version of BIOS, it couldn't be upgraded.

Before that could became a serious problem, though, I got hired by IBM (1988) and I havn't been hurting for computer hardware ever since. 


1989 - Compaq......Now using an HP.



My step father is a programer, so there has been a computer in the house for as long as I remember. My first dealings with it was around 87-88 when I took a DOS class in college.

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First computer was an Apple II.  Now I have a Dell desktop, Compaq laptop, and a Mac.  Long live Apple!