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November 30, 2021, 07:25:35 AM


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Boat motor

Started by DRIFTS, March 08, 2019, 11:43:44 AM

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Okay...just got a small outboard dingy motor for my drifter.  My father in law gave it to me and only has apx. one hour on it. He told me he was to old to crank start it and was worthless to him. Thinking that sounds bout right, i excepted it with great appreciation and commenced with my first trial start and run. Mounted  on a sawhorse and in a tub of water, i gave it its first crank...started up on first pull with little effort, purred like a kitten. I was thinking he must really be getting old, till i tried starting it up again after a heat soak and refueling. The bastard kick me like a mule!  Wow!!! I went back for seconds...cranked that bitch with authority and vengeance...and...knocked the snot outta me again! What the hell!? Any one have any experience with this? Any info greatly appreciated.   specs. 2017 suzuki  df4a 4 horse power, four stroke motor.


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yikes... that doesn't sound good...

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I don't know much; but I have had experiences where pulling the cord out easy until you feel load ---> and then giving light muscle to the crank avoids that kickback shoulder blowout action in the pulley mechanism.

(sometimes even pulling cranks until they roll over slightly and load up then actual pull)

My 20hp 4 stroker is a suzuk 2017 and it pulls easier than anything I have ever pull started in my life, for comparison sake.

Dunno if that helps, but hard to believe a 2017 already has mechanical issues with the pulley. Good luck.

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I don't know shit. But an oil change, them some seafoam down the sparkplug hole and a good soak might be in order.

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Try pulling the chord tight first dave. Then give it a easy pull start. I know it sounds weird, but the new motors only need minimal effort. Plus being a new motor, it should have higher compression than one broken in. I wouldn't think it's a timing problem since it started fine on the first pull and being such a new motor. Try some 93 and run it while everything is breaking in. Then I would change oil to amsoil and change the plug every year no matter how much you use it. Find some non ethanol gas too if you can.


With the engine doing fine when first cranked but problem when hot, I agree that it points to fuel issues ....low octane and ethanol. Try the 93 and  do run non ethanol if possible.


You guys do know what Dave does for a living? And he is asking us?

"Kickin like a mule" is not a very technical term. What is exactly is it doing. Carburated?


Quote from: driver on March 09, 2019, 00:20:14 AM

You guys do know what Dave does for a living? And he is asking us?

Seriously..must be bad


I'll be changing out the fuel and give that a try, hope it'll be that simple. I'm fearing it may have a sticking decompression valve, but I hope not. Thanks for the chime in!



Is the decompression valve manual like on some chainsaws ? I know that you have checked in to whether it is getting fire and fuel to the cylinder.