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December 05, 2021, 09:24:32 AM


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20 Years of PFF

Started by Stone-Man, January 19, 2019, 14:37:24 PM

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20 years ago. Psycho Fisher,Woolly,myself and 10-12 other drunks started PFF in Shady Valley.  What a great experience it has been   0:0

We have had damn bad weather almost every year  Plus extremely high wind,tornadoes,Hail,sleet, below freezing temps ,driving wind and light snow. All of which has resulted in the loss of countless tents,gazebos,tarps and small shelters. Plus a few chairs and stools and coolers. The cook tent has been uprooted 6-8 times.
Drunks have fallen into the pond and the creek a dozen times.

We also have had skunks,possums,frogs ,deer , raccoons,beavers ,muskrats,snakes and bears.

We have caught thousands of fish over these 20 years including some bigguns.

Looking forward to PFF V-39..  Hellacious fun for me !!  Thanks Yawl



Cheers Papa Stoneman. Thanks for allowing some of us less-than-respectably types to tag along over this time.  My first PFF was '02. JT diagnosed me with Rocky Mountain Fever and I fell out on the Hatian boat ride.
I've made a lot of lifetime friends and even learned to like a few of them (Phil) ;-)>

Peace y'all.  Let's hope we have 20 more

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"I've made a lot of lifetime friends and even learned to like a few of them (Phil) ;-)> "

Now wait a durn minute here.  :-\

I missed the first 4 years of PFF (I think), but have been around you ruffians for awhile now. Yawl still suck.  :-*  Can't wait until Spring PFF.


Who would have thought it would have lasted this long!

Hope to see all you misanthropic fly fishermen (new board name ?)

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How's that shoulder?

Assume if you're casting that you'll be recoil ready by September?

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Thanks Jason

I have been released to fish conservatively.  But, the streams are in the woods here now and snow melt cold. I figured that maybe 50-75 casts would be the max to begin with and I will do that minimal fishing when there is a chance of getting a bite. Had therapy today and the therapists are are very positive about the progress that I am making  'c;



Good news about the shoulder, JT!  'c;  /'/


Made it to my 1st in Oct. '01 at Baslam Lodge.
Been a grand run with some of the finest folks on the planet.

JT,  good news on yer recovery!


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me -There's a season?

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