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PLC - Mitchell River

Started by BRFFF, January 23, 2019, 10:31:36 AM

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A big thanks to landowner, Ed (Earlie) Harris, for his interest in protecting these unique waters!

This project is adjacent to four other conservation easements and two PLC-owned sites, bringing the total of contiguously protected acreage here to just over 276. This part of the Mitchell River is classified as an Outstanding Resource Water, North Carolina's highest water quality designation, signifying excellent water quality and exceptional state or national ecological or recreation significance. Downstream the Mitchell joins the Yadkin River, a major drinking water source for millions of people in North and South Carolina.

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Good stuff. That little river is great in many ways. I grew up in that water and still frequent it often to this day.

Ed is a great person and holds a rare pride and love for the river and for nature. The entire family is a rare type, and one that we need more of.