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Small Emotional Uplift

Started by Stone-Man, January 29, 2019, 13:25:09 PM

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As some of you know,I have been in therapy recovering from rotator surgery. And have not fished since late September. So yesterday it got up to 48 degrees and a small BWO hatch came off. I broke out the rod and made less than 100 casts.  Got 3 bites and landed 2

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016 by John Thomas, on Flickr

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015 by John Thomas, on Flickr

Damn that felt good.
You really miss something that you have taken for granted all your life.



Looks like some close stream access, a good thing.

Good luck with the recovery. I had major shoulder surgery regarding rotator cuff and tendons several years ago and it REALLY acts up from time to time.

Rock on.


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JT getting a big skunk off!

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Cool beans!

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Good going JT, glad you are able to get back to some casting and catching.



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All the local bears thought you had joined them in hibrenation.


That last one could almost pass as a Cutthroat.
Good on ya!


That had to feel good.  Glad to see you back at.
Yup, going fishing

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