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WARNING LONG POST!!!!! Happy New Year!

Started by Sapperpatten, January 04, 2019, 23:35:42 pm

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Happy New Year!  2018 came and went too quick, and now we are in the hands of 2019.  I normally do not do resolutions but this year I made one, to fish more.  Not the quick trips around Fort Bragg/Fayetteville, but actual fishing, i.e... TROUT!  So only two days into the year and I am typing from Stone Mountain State Park in Tent site 1.  The red soft glow of my headlamp and the MacBook light the inside of my tent.  In the distance, the steady rushing of a mountain fed stream bubbles along adding a nice white noise coupled by the light pitter patter of rain.  Its the perfect mountain night. 
I started my day at 0530, hopped out of bed, dressed, and headed for the coffee pot for some go juice.  Already being packed the night prior my only mission this morning was coffee, then hit the road.  I was on the road by 0607.  I only remember the time because I wanted to be leaving at 0600, but I was sluggishly milling about due to not being able to sleep.  I hit the park on or about 0900, maybe more like 0930 and headed straight to the campsite to set my tent up before the forecasted rain, then I worked my way down to the East Prong of the Roaring River.  Driving down the winding road getting deeper into the park, I stopped a few times to scout out a few spots here and there and finally decided on the deep pool past the paved road by the rocks.  I worked that pool for awhile with no avail and started to work my way upstream just around the bend.  As soon as I spotted a good riffle to drift through, BAM, I hooked up.

(First Fish of 2019!!!)

I worked my way down the bank drift after drift, but no more takes.  With that deep pool and the trout that call it home still on my mind, I headed back to the rock to try some different approaches.  I set up a drop shot rig running two nymphs worked that for about 30 minutes with nothing.  All the while seeing the trout at the bottom of the pool laughing at me.  In hopes of luring out some hungry browns I packed a few streamer patterns in the flavor of sculpin and soft hackle buggers.  I switched rigs and twisted on a bugger and some hefty split shot with the idea of swinging the bugger through the hole enticing a eat.  Probably 40 or more swings and strips a hungry boy just to the bugger.  He smacked it!  The fight was good and I almost slipped into the drink! 

Feeling satisfied that I conquered the pool, I loaded up in the truck and pushed further downstream to the pool by the bridge.  I could see three big boys hugging the bottom of the pool waiting for dinner.  I switched flies, tying on a tan Mop with brown/rust dubbing and black rubber legs with a orange tungsten bead.  First cast and I was hooked up with my third fist of 2019!

After getting my fly caught on a log trying to target the big-gins, I switched to a squirmy wormy and started to work the tail of the pool.  Having to finesse my cast due to the cover, I launched a steaming backwards cast to the far side of the pool near the bank.  Letting it swing a bit to get to the deeper section, then high-sticking I felt the line give a bit of resistance and game on, Fourth fish.

I attempted at the bottom dwellers a few more times, and a few more lost flies later I decided to move locations.  I headed back upstream walking along the bank looking for a promising spot.  I located a nice pool with riffles leading to a nice deep bank.  I attacked it with the squirmy drifting two to three times before I took a step downstream.  I work that section of about 100 to 150 meters or so with nothing to show for it, but the spot look just to damn fishy to give up.  I hopped on the bank and walked back up to the head of the pool and switched to a size 18 frenchie with a matte hot pink 4mm tungsten bead.  I began to work the spot in the same manner as before, but this time with success.  I was so excited that a plan worked out that I didn't even get a photo of the fish! 

With the sun starting to go down I located to another spot to try for one more for the day

Coming up short handed I packed back up into the truck and headed back toward camp, DINNER TIME!   Pulled Pork and Corn Tortillas!!!! Man it was good after a full day of fishing.

Time for bed and to scout out some more sections tomorrow!  2019 is starting out to just right. 


I woke up to more rain, but a soft drizzle, so I packed up my mummy bag before getting out of the tent and went straight to putting my waders on, then made some coffee and started to break camp while my coffee steeped before pressing.

I spent the day doing more exploration than fishing.  I headed to Bullhead Creek in hopes of a some wild Browns. At the first hole just below the "falls/rock slide thing" I tossed my fly in to see who was living there.  The pool had a nice circular rotation (counterclockwise) and after the first cast didn't drift the way I intended it to, I flicked it to the backside of the pool where the slower water was.  Maybe five seconds into my drift I was hooked up! A solid take, the kind we hope and dream of.

Not the fish I was hoping for, but a good fish that put up a fight, must have made it up from the DH section during high rain. Back on the trail, I pushed further up the creek looking for holes that might be holding fish.  The trail intersects the creek requiring fording to access the far side of the trail.  There is a pool at the fording site, but no luck so I moved on.  Walking along the trail I had to weave my way over a few down trees and I didn't walk to far upstream before I came upon a fishy looking pool.  I entered the creek above the pool and worked the pool from top to bottom.  On one of my drifts just before picking it up to cast again my line came tight but the fish was gone before I could even get a look.  Heart pumping, I changed flies to the old trusty, the #18 frenchie with matte hot pink bead, and started to work the pool again.  Cast, drift, wait, set hook, repeat.  Three or so drifts later my line became tight again and this time I wasn't going to loose this fish. 
With the fast current of the pool I eyed a spot to net the fish and worked him over to net.  A beautiful wild Brownie, just what I was looking for. 

Content with this creek, I head back down to do some more exploration on DH stream. But First! Brunch, granola cereal and homemade doughnut holes.

There were a few more holes I wanted to try out before I headed back to some other spots I have already fished.  The spots were holding fish, but I couldn't get them to eat.  Either I wasn't choosing the right fly, or it could be the drift, or maybe not getting deep enough.  Who knows.  After about an hour or so working the hole I went back downstream to where Garden Creek flows into Stone Mountain Creek.  I put the Soft Hackle Bugger on and shot a laser out, swinging it through the hole and with a smack I was on a fish and it felt like a good one though I will never know because he came off before a got a glimpse.  I tried to recreate the moment to no avail.  This happened a few more times in the other spots I tried, hook ups but no landing, until it was getting dark and I had to make the trek back to Fayetteville ending my Adventure. 

Till my next adventure "Tight lines and Happy New Year"


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Long drive. Camping. Fishing. Coffee. Some solitude. Good start.

I too, might fish some despicable flies.
But I never publicly admit to it.  :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: -0-
"Why don't you knock it off with them negative waves? Why don't you dig how beautiful it is out here? Why don't you say something righteous and hopeful for a change? " <br />-Oddball, 1970


Sounds like a great wintertime outing with some trouts included.


Stalk softly and carry a green stick.


Good on ya for getting out and taking the time to write up your adventure. Sounds like trips I made 20 years ago. I still lament the decline of Bullhead from the trophy experience it once was. Still very pretty water to explore up there. I suppose they have removed all of the Beat markers now that it has been designated as a wild trout waters after stopping the supplemental feeding program. Best memory of bulkhead was taking a 20+" brown on a hopper at dusk on the Orvis one ounce 2wt.

Good luck with your resolution and thanks for taking us along on your adventure.

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Quote from: Dougfish on January 05, 2019, 08:54:36 am
Long drive. Camping. Fishing. Coffee. Some solitude. Good start.

I too, might fish some despicable flies.
But I never publicly admit to it.  :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: -0-

I'm not the smartest [emoji23]

"Many men go fishing all of their lives without knowing it's not the fish they are after" HDT


Good report and fishees! Good on ya for getting out and even camping in January, man.  'c;   As far as the "despicable" flies go ... I know a young guy who's a guide and his favorite brook trout fly is a pink or green weenie (his name starts with a J, and it's not Big J). Sometimes we all use what works!


January 05, 2019, 11:33:10 am #7 Last Edit: January 08, 2019, 00:05:00 am by Al
Quote from: Dougfish on January 05, 2019, 08:54:36 am
Long drive. Camping. Fishing. Coffee. Some solitude. Good start.

I too, might fish some despicable flies.
But I never publicly admit to it.  :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: -0-

Ditto on good report - we need more of them (note to self -  b';"get out and post more" ;D )

As for "despicalble flies" -  prepare to receive some. That's all I know how to tie ;D


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