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SNP levels

Started by boondoggle, September 16, 2005, 13:10:06 PM

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Anybody been in the park lately?

Why aren't there any saltwater streams?

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Mike P

If the water levels in the park resemble the levels of the Rappahannock in any way, it's some mighty low water out there.  Right now the Rapp. is the lowest it's been all year.  Hopefully we'll get some rain sometime soon.

Trout Chaser


I decided to check the levels out today. :)  Water levels are real low and crystal clear.  Did a lot af casting and very little catching managed 3 brookie's and one brown.  We sure need some rain.



was in the park last week and the water was low( and tough) on the Rose and low bur real fishable with good catches on the Rapidan.

It's all good drifts

Brent G


I was over on the park on 09/07/05 and the stream in by devels ditch was also getting low in some of the places but there was still enough water to fish ...... not sure what it's like now though since we haven't had any rain over there since then but I'm sure it's been dropping fast with the hot day's and no rain . Hopefully we can get some substantial rains to get the levels back up. Some of the larger pools had quite a few trout pooled up in them.

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Brent G


Would you look at that! Nice Pic Brent


That is a good pic there Brent. Looks like some fishies to me ;)

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