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June 12, 2021, 06:43:00 AM


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Smith River Clean Up - This Saturday, 29th

Started by Al, September 25, 2018, 16:26:00 PM

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On Saturday, September 29th join us for the fall Smith River clean-up. Volunteers will meet 8:30 at the Bassett Canoe Access (Trent Hill Canoe Ramp), 271 Trent Hill Drive, off Route 57 in north Bassett behind the old burned out chair factory and fan out from there. We should be finished by noontime.

Clean up will take place in Fieldale along the 1.1-mile section of the river and Appalachian Drive (Route 57) from the Route 701, Fieldale Avenue bridge up to 2899 Appalachian Drive--the former Meeks auto repair center. Volunteers will collect waste trash and debris along the highway and river banks. Trash will be consolidated at the Bassett Canoe Access.

We will have water, issue empty refuse bags and buy volunteers a pizza lunch once they return a full bag of trash. This is a rain or shine event open to the public so grab your family, grab your neighbors and grab your friends. Grab anyone who cares about the environment and the place we live, work and play - we need the help.

Bring your fishing gear - If the water is back to normal we can fish afterwards.


Bumping to the top - Love to see some of you folks giving a little time back to the area.


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I was going to try... but chances are slim now, due to a sick child.


Al, dougfish, driver and other guys got er done.

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