ya'll wont beleive this but

Started by befuddled, October 04, 2005, 12:28:10 PM

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last fall I had great luck on what I think is a shrimp imitation (tan/brown epoxy crazy charlie...i think). I threw it at little browns on panther mntn, stocker rainbows at Kibler Valley, and tried the Smith, though the Smith usually beats me up pretty good compared to other places I fish (i guess you need a little skill for the smith).

Anyway, fluke or decent strategy?

not my fly, but a pic from the web


A shrimp pattern makes a reasonable crayfish pattern as well.  If it was a reasonable size, browns should love it!  Smallmouth would love it too..... ;) ;D ;D

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bf, you need to upload the photo...
not insert it....
edit your msg and look below the msg box ... click on additional options....and browse to the photo on your hard drive...
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