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The baby took my fly fishing room, what a selfish 6month old.

Started by ARontheFly, August 15, 2018, 20:43:12 PM

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Popped my first kid out of my snatch lately, you would think a baby would be ecstatic to be born with a room full of fishing/camping gear. However, her mother doesn't think the baby girl is impressed with the gear. So in went the baby gear and out went the fishing gear, to the kitchen haha.

All that aside I had to reduce my fly tying station down to a system where I could tie from my recliner while watching Disney movies with the new kiddo.

So here is the FishPond Tomahawk fly tying bag, I really have to suggest this to everyone, I love this damn thing;

Dad takes photos of fishing stuff as the child struggles to learn to crawl, she's a chunky lady, I call her The Champ.

Photo of the bag wide open, divider pocket is padded making a great spot for your vice base with a separate zip pocket for actual vise itself.

Every pouch on this bag Velcro's in and out, no snaps or zippers to remove any bags from inside the bag just grip and rip.

Sectioned the zippered bags like so, hackle bag, chenille/body wrap bag, squirrel tail bag, unique hackle, lead eyes and rubber, etc.

Middle divider that holds vice has slots for tools;

The side opposite from the pouches has hard boxes and tubes that also are just Velcro attached;

You'd be amazed how compact you can get all your materials by removing items out of the original packaging, such as hooks, beads, etc.

At each far end of the bag on both sides there is even more space for more shit, this bag is Mary Poppins cream dream...

All of my fly tie stuff originally would fit into one backpack, a small briefcase , and a large antique wooden milk crate. Within the back pack alone I had two separate large Plano boxes. All of it went right into the FishPond Tomahawk Bag and it zipped up easily.

Tucked away behind the chair, ready at all times;

Whenever I get a tie desk set up again I'm fairly certain this bag will sit next to it and the desk will only host my vice and tools. Keeps shit organized, does the job far beyond expectations. $180 and should have purchased ten years ago.

Stay afloat gentleman.

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I could never live with that amount of organization and limitations.
I leave all the gig ass Gamo hooks for the grandkids to learn on.
Coach em up.
Or build a bigger house.  -+;
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