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Fall PFF 2018

Started by Devinsdad, August 10, 2018, 17:35:10 PM

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OK ladies and Gents
I have secured our reservation for Fall PFF at Camp Stonefly

Dates  OCT 5,6,7 with early birds on Thursday OCT 4.

There are a few sites with power and water available let me know if you need one. (extra $$)

There are also 2 campers available if anyone is interested. (extra $$)

for the rest of us the cost is $40 for the weekend, $10 more for Thursday night.

Meals will be provided per our usual Friday dinner, Saturday Breakfast, Saturday dinner routine.

Any questions let me know.

Mail your deposit to
Bob Thomas
201 Ferstl AVenue
Belmont NC 28012

Are we there yet??



If I can I will attend!

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OK you fence sitter
if you are attending this here Gig I need to know soon.  I have my primary cooks lined up, just need to know how many we are feeding.

Sign up ends September 27th unless you got a good excuse


hope to make it on Thur. unless this hurricane washes me away. Not sure how much fishing or wading I going to be able to do but I'll watch the camp and do away with the coffee.
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Bob-Check in mail- plan to arrive Thursday. Let me know how I can help.

Fred M

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