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Started by ftroop82, May 31, 2018, 09:14:38 AM

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My wife and I are heading to Bozeman, Mt. the end of July for a 2 week vacation, never been out West before, so I had a few questions? She wants to see Yellowstone, Grand Tetons and possibly Glacier NP while we are there. We are flying so do you carry a separate bag for the waders, boots, rod tubes, nets, and vest\bag? One of my goals (bucket list) is to catch a Cutthroat and a large wild Brook trout. Any suggestions or tips would be well appreciated. Carrying 2-4 piece -five weight rod and reels.


Def carry on your rods and reels.  Pack the other stuff.   Remember that wet boots weigh a lot more than dry so your bags might exceed the 50lb limit which is an upcharge for most carriers.   Lots of opportunities to catch cuttthroat in Yellowstone.    Go to any fly shop and tell them what you are looking for and they will point you in the right direction. Generally they are pretty free with advice on the known public waters.   Lamar and Soda Butte are easy to fish, but go early as they can get crowded in the afternoons.   Any section of moving water will have fish.   Since brookies aren't native they likely won't hesitate to tell you where to find those either.   A little early for hopper season, but terrestrials have always worked well anytime of the year.    Look for undercut banks and cast as close as you can.  Don't try to get a selfie with the bison and grizzly bears are not as friendly as black bears.  Good luck and have fun.

Yup, going fishing


I've always checked my rods, and stuff reels in my boots. I try to cram two rods in one tube to save space. I hope I'm not jinxing my self, as I fly out with my gear in July as well.


My last couple of trips I shipped my rods, waders, clothes to my hotel so I didn't have to drag them thru airports and shuttle buses.  Carried on reels and vest with flies.  s About break even cost-wise with the stinkin baggage charges.    Also, "sporting equipment" has a limit on breakage or loss if they screw up.
Stalk softly and carry a green stick.


Carry on rods. Not 2 piece. If possible. Overheads are 4 piece friendly. Stewardesses don't even blink at them.
Fan of shipping stuff in advance. UPS or FEDEX, insured.
One of my last trips to CO featured me sleeping on a sofa near the front door
waiting for my lost luggage with my flies, reels, waders, boots, etc. until 3 am.
Cutties are dumb. Fight good though.
Big Brookies are in Labrador. Next trip, trooper.
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Patagonia black hole duffel 120liter holds everything except my switch rod. Even my mid length nomad net. Big hole has pretty big brookies and grayling, if you make it over there. Not Labrador big but.....Guests are not allowed to view images in posts, please Register or Login

If you go to Glacier there are Westslope cutties and bull trout(you are not allowed to target the bulls) in the middle fork of the flathead.

Driver, where are you going in July?

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North Woods of Maine. Big Brook country

BTW your trip looked epic btw. Except for the salmonfly eating. You guys must have been lit.


Gotta eat one for good luck.

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Thanks for all the info, I'm looking forward to the trip.


I was just out there. I packed everything in a military aviators kit bag, or parachute bag. It easily held 3 rods, 4 reels, waders, boots, chest rig, and clothes. No issues with any airlines or airport security.


I love Bozeman. Head over to Livingston and do the 6pm guide elbow bender at The Murray. Locals have a saying about burned out trailer lights. #1 way to get pulled over by the po-po. I have hit breakfast spots early and seen guides sleeping in the vehicles after over serving at the Murray. Big Horn fishes well .

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