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Work assignments

Started by Stone-Man, May 08, 2018, 12:44:44 PM

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Troutfanatic  Fri Cook
TheLow         Fri cook's help
DevinsDad and Streamer  Sat Breakfast
Montgomery Crew   Sat night cook
Pansyman Crew  Fri night clean up
Fyfisher22  Crew  Breakfast clean up
Hellbender crew   Sat Night clean up

We have 28 signed up as of now  and 4-6 probables



JT- I am willing to help where needed. Fred Murray



OK Cats
We have 33 sub humanoids signed up for this show. With a possibility of 3-4 more. And then there are the procrastinators who don't commit till the last minute which is fucking annoying to the PFF Straw Bosses (and the primary cooks) since they cannot get an accurate head count. Of course if you lay back till all the plans have been formulated , then it is well possible that you won't be given a work assignment since you are unreliable.

Another note--- Beware  --  The bear that killed Tom Sharpe's goat and donkey is still alive. If you are fishing the Beaverdam , I would suggest a heater or Bear Mace.

  Stone- Man


Sounds good.

If the streams are blown out, I'll go hunting instead.

[attachment id=0 msg=158345]

5 pounds of chicken, six pounds of shrimp, 5 big ass andouille sausages and enough rice for China.

It ain't Croaker's low country boil, but it'll feed ya. Beer and hot sauce fix everything.

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