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January 28, 2022, 20:59:03 PM


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Red Ass Brassie

Started by Devinsdad, June 11, 2006, 19:52:46 PM

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Hook-  any curved shank hook size 10 thru 18
bead head to match hook size
thread- black
body- red ultrwire
thorax- peacock herl
hackle- hungarian partridge neck

1- use your dubbing needle to press the wire back against itself to have a smooth body wrap with no gaps.
2- strip one side of the partridge hackle and tie in by the tip... make the hackle sparse (2-3 wraps) for slow water or thicker (4-5 wraps) for fast water conditions
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where are the white biots dble D?  Nice bug....be safe Peewee

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