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October 23, 2021, 03:54:23 AM


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The "I gotta get a grad school deposit" Clearance Sale. Rods/Reels/Stuff

Started by troutfanatic, January 08, 2018, 16:50:35 PM

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I need to shit out 600.00 by Friday to cover my deposit for grad school. That said I am moving some stuff.


First up, Redington Butterstick 3 weight, 6'. Like new. I used a dozen times or less. retails for 249.00 I want 100.00

[attachment id=0 msg=156309]

Next up, St. Croix Avid 3 weight. 7.5' excellent small stream rod. US Made. 300 retail. Asking 200.00

[attachment id=1 msg=156309]

Entry level rods (good for a spare or the kids)

Scientific Anglers Combo, 9' 5 weight. Like new. Line may need replacing. It sat for several years unused. 45.00

[attachment id=2 msg=156309]

Shakespeare micrographite 8' 4 weight with Cortland reel. This is a stiff, fast rod. I can toss large streamers with it. 40.00

[attachment id=3 msg=156309]

I will part with both of the beginner rods for 80.00


I am only selling one or the other here.

first, A brand new, in box Orvis Hydros SLV 3 large Arbor. Suited for 5-6-7 weight. I promise it will work on an 8 weight. I love these things. I own 3. Retail new for 220.00. I am asking 160.

[attachment id=4 msg=156309]

Next, used Orvis Access 3 in excellent condition. Line not included. also for a 5-6-7 weight. comes with case. Asking 100.00

[attachment id=5 msg=156309]

last item for now, kids wading boots, redington. Like new. used 6 times before her foot grew... soles are in excellent shape. retail new 89.00, asking 35.

[attachment id=6 msg=156309]

Buyer pays shipping or meet me in person (I still fish... sometimes). Paypal is my preferred means of payment. I'll do a check but won't ship until it clears.

I have these listed in multiple places. I suspect the rods will go fast. I have received messages on the butterstick while typing this.

I am in and out of here infrequently. Best means to contact me is facebook messenger. I go by Brian Lee. I am facebook friends with a few dozen people who are or have been members of this forum.








I cleaned that up last night. It's hanging to dry. If dry enough, I'll ship today. If not first thing today.


Quote from: troutfanatic on January 10, 2018, 11:20:45 AM


I cleaned that up last night. It's hanging to dry. If dry enough, I'll ship today. If not first thing today.



Butterstick- gone
both reels- gone
scientific anglers rod-reel- gone

No longer selling the St. Croix.

Shakespeare-cortland setup and kids boots still available.

Phil, USPS said Monday for the pack.