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October 19, 2021, 10:45:43 AM


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Is this a...

Started by natureboy, June 08, 2006, 22:24:20 PM

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Green Drake?

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Woolly Bugger

sure looks like one to me... where did you find it?

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me -There's a season?

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Good pic. I believe so.

Brad  8)

Brad  8)


Nope, it's a man's thumb 8@S


Quote from: Woolly Bugger on June 08, 2006, 22:26:04 PM

sure looks like one to me... where did you find it?

I found it flying around the Shenandoah Valley last weekend.   8)



Thats what I thought, but the lack of green on it had me confused.


Yes I believe it is a male dun of the genus Ephemera......of course I'd need a microscope and a female virgin to verify the taxonomic keys to the species level.

Yea, I'm redneck, so what!


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