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Went to BC, eh?

Started by Rhody, August 04, 2017, 15:26:57 PM

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Ran away from the world a few weeks ago to someplace I had always wanted to go to-British Columbia. After much planning with friends, we were scheduled to meet a friend from OR who drove up with all of the outfitting gear to Clearwater BC (about 2 hours north of Kamloops). We were scheduled to fly out on Thurs. The Sunday prior to leaving friend called and said he had been evacuated from the campsite in Clearwater due to fires about an hour after he arrived after a 2 day drive. He was not happy and heading back home. We had non-refundable tickets, and we all agreed we were ready for an adventure, did not have a clue where we were going, but somebody found an interesting place on the i-net and off we went.  Our adventure called for many miles in the rental car, and many fish. Beautiful place, would go again in a flash, but maybe not drive from Vancouver for something like 12 hours, but scenery was fantastic and fishing not bad at all.
Random pics-
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Fuk. Badass, dude.

Do all of you that have the privilege to visit all these places get there and think, "Damn, I wish I lived here," or are you happy to get back home after a bit.


Great way to recover from a potential busted trip   'c; 'c; 'c;

I feel little of your pain. A friend from my old Pechmann Center days now lives in BC and has been evacuated twice because of the fires. It gets worse - his in-laws were evacuated and returned to the photos you see on TV news, ie just the plumbing and burned out vehicles sticking out of a landscape that looks like the face of the moon. So far my friends house has been spared but as he says "We are not out of the woods yet"


The water looks much better than it did when I was there in May. What area did you end up going to?


Damn nice plan B, Jamie.

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Good stuff JO!!    bd;0


Some good photography right there.


Woolly Bugger

You still suk!

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Thanks y'all for looking and the kind words.

Devo-I always want to move to the last place I went to!! I'm just lucky enough to get to travel a lot. I don't have kids so that allows me the freedom that a lot of folks don't have. One day I really hope to have a place out west somewhere, after living in Victor, ID for the summer a few years back, I miss the West every day.

Driver-Most of the time we were in the Fernie area. The pics with the big trees were in Manning Provincial Park on the Sitka River on the way back to Vancouver, caught a 1am flight out so we could fish all day on the last day. We drove way too much, but it was about the only plan we could figure out to dodge the fires, and not having a clue where we were going. I think it would be hard to fish this area much before the end of July. It was really hot while we were there, in the 90's and locals were not happy with that weather, said it usually doesn't get close to that hot. We wet waded, but it felt good to get out of the water in some places, pretty chilly water. We are planning to return next year (if we can draw licenses for several of the restricted rivers)and fly to Calgary, only 3.5 hour drive. If not, back up above Kamloops in the Clearwater area, which was our original destination this year.

Al-hope your friends continue to stay out of harms way. In trying to plan for another trip back, we found out the the summer fires happen pretty often?

BC folks sure are nice folks, the friendliness of the residents made us want to go back even if the beer was pricey!
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I need more cutthroat trout in my life.  Well done 0:0
Yup, going fishing


Quote from: Jfey on August 07, 2017, 09:33:27 AM
I need more cutthroat trout in my life.  Well done 0:0

Still waiting on that WY report..


Frontier is about to start service to Calgary.

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