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T - ball

Started by Bloy, June 07, 2006, 20:29:01 PM

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If you have ever had a bad day, if you have ever felt 'down' ,if you ever just felt bad, go to a kids T - ball game. It'll reposition your attitude back to where it needs to be. Funniest thing I've seen lately. Great time !!! ;D ;D ;D


Times fun when you're having flies.


My son just started T-ball a couple of weeks ago.  I've never laughed so hard in my life.

Wouldn't it be great to be that young again?   ;D


eye on the ball...elbows up...s'ok, try again...again...again...again......run!!!!!...no, the other way....the OTHER way...touch the base...go back and step on first base...no, first base...FIRST base...s'ok, stay here...when u see a bunch of kids fighting for a little ball, run to second base...  :P  ;D

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Right on!  I am coaching my son's T-Ball team.  There is nothing better than watching a bunch of 5-6 year olds run around the bases without a care in the world!


" Once a man , twice a child "

It is fun to be that age again and run around without a care in the world . Wife don't much like it though.  ;D
Now if it will just last a good long while.....

You good folks  tell me where to go , what to use , do this don't do that , same a T-ball just different players , and I have just as good a time as any kid........ 0--0


Some of the greatest times of my adult life was coaching baseball.  I started coaching when my son was 4 years old and he played "Rag Ball".  The things these young boys and girls would say and do would just crack you up.

I was his coach until he was 17 and we played in the Dayton Amateur Baseball Commission.  The friendships I made with some of these young men will last me a life time.   My son is now 19 and in college and then there is the girlfriend, so baseball has not been a part of his life for a couple years now.

Man do I miss it.  Spending hours on a dirt field laughing hysterically, making a difference, knowing that I was a part of their lives.

For those of you who have young children playing in any sport, go to every game.  This time will pass you by so quick.

I was told by several players and their parents that I was some sort of mentor to these kids.  However I truly believe it was exactly the opposite.


Gregg Montgomery


I have been fortunate enough to help "coach" with Devin's baseball team the past two years... you are right it is a blast....

Last year, we could never get Devin across home plate until the final game.. he would hit, get to first...run to second OK.... even make it to third.... once 3rd was tagged....... that was it,  he'd go straight to the dug out....LMAO at that every time......


We  cheered for everybody. Our team, their team, girls, boys, outs or strikes. We had a blast. :)


Times fun when you're having flies.


I coached for two years when my son played "coach pitch" Man I am a lousy underhand pitcher. I kept striking kids out. As hard as I tried I could not throw a lob they could hit. I actually had the coach from the other team pitch in my place several times...
What I always found funny were the kids in the field..."stop playing in the dirt, everyone does not leave to chase every ball, please don't take your glove off, get up, throw the ball don't run for home with it"

It was like watching a kids soccer game, as soon as someone hit the ball the whole team ran after it, no one on base, no pitcher, no catcher, they ALL ran after it ;D It was always a blast though.

E VA Trout Chaser

I'm coaching my 6 yr old's T-ball team this year.

I didn't think I would like it, kinda got suckered into it... But it has been a lot of fun and I've got a great bunch of kids.

The worst part of coaching has been missing my 10 yr old's Baseball games due to T-ball practice...