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Redington Kids Wading Boots Size 4 for sale

Started by troutfanatic, July 17, 2017, 21:13:29 PM

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I found out Friday that kid's feet grow fast, even girls.

My older daughter's boots no longer fit. She's only used them a dozen times and they are in excellent shape.

That said, I have a pair of Redington Crosswater Boots, Size 4 almost new. Rubber soles and they can take studs.

retailed for 80.00, I let em go for 40.




I don't even know what size my son wears but I should probably buy these.  How old is your daughter?


Bought when she turned 10. A bit big on her then. She's now 12 and had to curl her toes to wear them last week. It's just like adult wading boots. Go one size up for waders, same size for wet wading. So if your child is wearing size 3 K shoes, the boots would work. I can probably throw in some studs if you feel like installing them.