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Maine 2017 - Red River Camps

Started by tomato can, July 11, 2017, 16:01:28 PM

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tomato can

If your going to be near the coast in Camden take your 8 weight. I hear the striper fishing is off the chain this year in maine.  You guys wait till I post a TR of the West Branch.  Red River Camps was a warm up.


Hard to beat that! Looks like a fine place to be, especially with your dad.

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Yep, my advice to all you dudes that still have your parents around is to enjoy them as much as you can. If you have some bad business in the past, fix it. I lost my mom when she was 46. I was 25, we were only really just beginning to reconcile from my teen years. I lost my dad in 09. He hated fishing, but would go just to humor me. He didn't stick around long enough to take his granddaughters fishing. Not a week goes by that I don't think about them.

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