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November 30, 2021, 08:43:41 AM


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The Paltriness of Phil

Started by Phil, June 22, 2017, 17:02:22 PM

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My fish and reports are pretty laughable compared to the usual fare here, but here goes anyway....

I got out for two hours this morning before the rains came in. A very small brookie stream only 7 miles from my house -- I make myself fish it very rarely because I don't want to mess it up.  As usual, my clumsiness with juggling camera, rod, and fish resulted in one picture of the smallest of 4 fish that I landed. It seems that every time I finally wrassle around, get a fish posed in my hand, and get the camera ready to go -- the fish is gone. Infuriating.
Oh well, it was a pretty little creek with weird weather moving in.

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The only real "pool" --

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That's it.


I can beat that cold.  I'll try to put mine up tomorrow.

Woolly Bugger

Getting out for the win!

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Yay! Good on ya.
Better pics?
Use  a net. Get camera ready.
Dunk feesh. Get pics.
Get hand wet. Grab feesh.
Take more pics.

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Brookies are a commodity, quick shot and back they go. rainbros are invasive and reproduce like rats, hold em for 10-15 minutes, hell take a hundred pics until you get the right one. leroy is also invasive, but his life matters.

getting out matters too, and you did that. we needa link up and fish that crick I discussed at PFF.

I went to PA for a grad school open house and a dead show. These events were a week apart. I spent the gap between, fishing. I have yet to even consider a post. I caught around a bazillion smallies and don't think I broke 10 inches. I went out for northerns and caught a bicycle.

gonna try again next week.


Not paltry in the least. Hell yea!


If that's the smallest one you caught, then I'd say you had a damn good day on that pretty little creek. That one would damn near be a trophy around here.  'c;

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Thanks, guys. Besides being clumsy, I guess one of the reasons that I miss so many brookie pics is that I bring 'em in green and try to handle 'em gently and get 'em back in the water quickly.

I took the net on the recent camp/fish trip to the Smokies, but usually don't take it when fishing small cricks around here. That might help....  b';


Phil that's a damn fine brookie!  You old sand bagger you.  Oh hey did you ever try that coffee from the PFF?

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Feel very fortunate that a wild Brookie like that resides only seven miles from your house....a lot of us have to make a jaunt to fish for wild trout.


Yup, going fishing



Like. Makes me want to get out and try again...been a long time, probably lost my touch  0:0